Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC) & Veterans Benefits (VA)


The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a federal income tax credit for individuals who work and have earned income under certain levels. One goal of the EITC is to reduce or offset the amount of payroll taxes while at the same time encouraging individuals who might otherwise receive other public benefits to seek employment. Veterans Benefits are available to veterans of the United States Armed Services and, at times, their dependents for both service and non-service connected disabilities. Both cash and health care coverage may be available to the veteran and, at times, eligible dependents. But how will these benefits impact the receipt or eligibility for SSDI and SSI?

Key Topics

  • EITC Eligibility
  • Rules to Determine if There are Qualifying Children
  • Rules if There are No Qualifying Children
  • Rules for Computing and Claiming the EITC
  • Calculating EITC
  • Impact of EITC on Certain Welfare Benefits
  • Veterans Disability Compensation
  • Veterans Disability Pension
  • Effect of each on SSDI and SSI

Special Features

This informational seminar provides basic information pertaining to eligibility for and claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit as well as information pertaining to the Veterans Administration benefits using lecture, PowerPoint and opportunity for question and answer. Online polling will be used to test participant knowledge. A preparatory reading assignment will be provided and is required.

Who Will Benefit

Any individual who is responsible for assisting a beneficiary in maneuvering the complexity of federal entitlements when returning to work will benefit from this program. This includes attorneys, advocates, social workers, case managers, rehabilitation workers and job placement personnel.