Information Gathering, Analysis, Advising and Reporting


Practitioners who will be supporting SSDI and SSI beneficiaries' return to work efforts must not only understand the importance of providing benefits and work incentives planning but also ensure that their clients have access to good information prior to making important decisions regarding work. This webinar class teaches practitioners how to collect and analyze critical benefits information while at the same time developing a portfolio of options they can use to advise the individual and to support them in making informed choices regarding work.

Key Topics

  • Gathering Personal Demographic Information
  • Describing and Reporting Disability
  • Collecting Information from Third Parties
  • Summarizing and Reporting Income
  • Preparing a Monthly Budget
  • Identifying and Summarizing Resources
  • Developing and Reporting an Employment History
  • Requesting a Benefits Query
  • Identifying and Reporting Work Incentive Utilization

Special Features

This course explores the process for providing solid counsel using lecture, PowerPoint, and written materials. This skill-building session provides opportunity for question and answer. Online polling will be used to ascertain knowledge acquisition. A preparatory reading assignment will be provided and is required.

Who Will Benefit

Practitioners responsible for developing a benefits portfolio and providing work incentives planning through the course of their job will benefit from this course. This includes attorneys, advocates, social workers, rehabilitation workers and job placement personnel.