Integrating Work Incentives Planning into Employment Services and Caseload and File Management


Beneficiaries must be expected to be involved with several systems and agencies. The practitioner must be fully aware of any other service plan that has work as a goal, be cognizant of any work incentives or income and resource rules of ALL of these programs in order to effectively guide your beneficiary to work. As a result, Benefits Practitioners who support a caseload of individual managing their benefits and utilizing work incentives will need to effectively organize and manage their time as well as determine just how large a caseload should be.

Key Topics

  • Who are the Other Partners on the Beneficiary's "Employment Team"
  • Federal and State Agency Involvement in the Return to Work Effort
  • Coordinating and Orchestrating all Elements of the Return to Work Effort
  • Keeping Case Records
  • Crisis Management

Special Features

Through the use of a Power Point presentation, lecture and written materials participants will become acquainted with the great variety of agencies and “partners” that may be involved with a beneficiary’s return to work. Most importantly, what steps can be taken to ensure that all “players” are on the same page and none of the various plans conflict! When the beneficiary enters a crisis period what is the practitioner’s role? And how do you build time into your schedule to provide immediate assistance. Online polling will be used to ascertain knowledge acquisition. A preparatory reading assignment will be provided and is required.

Who Will Benefit

Social workers, advocates, attorneys, rehabilitation workers and all others providing long terms services to beneficiaries who are attempting to return to work will benefit from this session discussion the balancing of roles and caseloads.