Unemployment Insurance (UI) & Workers Compensation (WC)


The national Unemployment Insurance Program established under the Social Security Act of 1935 provides for temporary and partial replacement of income to individuals who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. The Workers Compensation program provides a safety net including partial income replacement, health care and rehabilitation services to workers injured during the course of employment. While individuals receiving SSDI will not experience an impact on their cash benefit eligibility as a result of receiving unemployment insurance benefits, individuals receiving SSI, will as it is a means-tested program.

Key Topics

  • Unemployment Insurance Basics
  • Eligibility and Covered Employment
  • Duration of Benefits
  • Application and Appeal Process
  • Affect of Unemployment Benefits on SSI and SSDI
  • General Provisions of Workers Compensation
  • Workers' Compensation for Federal Government Employees
  • Effect of Workers Compensation Benefits on SSDI and SSI

Special Features

This informational seminar provides basic information pertaining to the Unemployment Insurance Program and the Workers Compensation Program and their impact on SSDI and SSI using lecture, PowerPoint and opportunity for question and answer. Online polling will be used to test participant knowledge. A preparatory reading assignment will be provided and is required.

Who Will Benefit

Any individual who is responsible for assisting a beneficiary in maneuvering the complexity of federal entitlements when returning to work will benefit from this program.