Vocational Rehabilitation, Employment Supports and the SSA


Congress has made provisions for the Social Security Administration (SSA) to provide work incentives for beneficiaries of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). In addition to the disability programs and work incentive provisions that the SSA oversees, they also administer a vocational rehabili­tation (VR) program for providers of VR services that serve SSDI and SSI beneficiaries. The addition of the Ticket to Work Program creates a myriad of rehabilitation, placement and job support programs available to recipients with disabilities who seek to return to the work force.

Key Topics

  • The history of SSA involvement with return to work services
  • The workings of the Ticket to Work
  • The role of State VR agencies
  • The role of private Employment Networks
  • Recipient rights and protections while "using" a ticket
  • Partnership Plus

Special Features

This detailed discussion will cover the history of SSA involvement in work incentives and return to work efforts. What is the Ticket to Work and how does it function in the return to work setting? Using a Power Point, lecture and written materials the participant will gain and understanding of this important work incentive and the extensive services and protections that it can provide to individual with disabilities. Online polling will be used to test participant knowledge. A preparatory reading assignment will be provided and is required.

Who Will Benefit

Any individual receiving benefits who wishes to return to work, as well as any member of their “employment team” (Benefits Practitioners, attorneys, advocates, social workers, therapists, educators) will benefit from a thorough understanding of this cornerstone in the return to work programming provided by SSA.